Vancouver Blind Curtains

Thinking of buying beautiful new drapes in Vancouver to complete your interior’s revamp for the new year? Home remodelling and design is no easy feat, requiring meticulous detail, planning, research and time. Accurate measurements are absolutely vital for many home renovation and improvement projects. Without precise measurements, you may find yourself halting your design project and spending additional costs on rectifying your design errors.

Fancy Draperies is the leading design and home remodelling platform to help you navigate through this process to ensure your measuring is correct. Check out our four-step guide to measuring your windows for perfect drape installation.

Preparation Tips

  • All measurements must be precise.
  • Use a steel measuring tape and measure to the nearest ⅛” if possible.
  • Record measurements for each window and doorway in your home individually for accurate measurements. 

Choosing The Drape Rod Length

Before you begin measuring your windows for the length and width, it’s important for you to decide on the drape’s rod length. The rod length is often extended three to six inches beyond the frame of the window. Consider whether you want your drape rods installed inside, above or below the trim mount because this will affect the length.

Measure the Width

The width must always be taken first, starting from one tip of the rod to the other using measuring tape and marking down the width measurements. Ensure you do not measure any decorative areas on the rod and exclusively record both tips measurements. If the drapes you have chosen have extensive folds, ensure you multiply the width measurement by two. The fullness of your drapes or curtains depends on your personal style and if you desire fuller draperies, they will often have a wider width than other styles.

Measure the Length

Using the measuring tape, place it at the top of the window frame or at the inside top corner and measure downwards. The length depends on where you want your drapes to end, which is completely based on your style. If you desire a more tailored drapery look, measure the length from the bottom of the rod to the floor and subtract about a ½” to get the look you desire. For those that desire a more formal, elegant aesthetic with drapes that puddle onto the floor, add about 1-10” to the height’s measurement. Puddling should only be used for drapes with more of a superficial purpose and should not be opened and closed regularly as the bottom of the drapes will get quite dirty rather quickly.

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