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Drapes can make a drab room look delightful. However, they need to hang well to avoid looking clumsy. Well hung drapes look stylish, reduce glare from sunlight, and block out the light altogether if you so desire. Some diffuse the glare, but let in natural light. 

Thick, dark, floral drapes are best for bedrooms as they offer complete privacy and a certain warm, cozy feel that blinds seldom give. In the winter, thick drape fabrics like velvet provide high insulation, keeping your home comfortable and energy bills low. 

Well hung drapes require a certain method to create the magic that you’re looking for. Even the smallest detail can make a difference to your drape display. Done well, it can transform the look of your home, but done carelessly, it can ruin the effect. Here’s how you do it:

Hang from a height

Drapes need to be hung from a height to fall in soft folds or the ends can look clumsy on the floor. Ideally, they should be four inches off the floor. On a window, they should not be higher than 12 inches, so the window looks taller. Drapes need a high ceiling for the best effect. Those that are too close to the window take away the elegance.

Door Drape

On a door, the drape length needs to be long enough to sweep the floor. Some prefer to have the end pool on the floor. If you are looking for a romantic look, this way of hanging serves best. Have children or pets? It’s more practical to keep the ends off the floor to keep the ends clean and vacuum the area or the fabric will come in the way of cleaning tools. If you don’t have children or pets, and prefer to keep it hung long, an inch or two above the floor works well to make it look stylish. 

Extended Width

Enhance the width while hanging your drape to give the illusion of width. Make sure the curtain rod goes well least three inches beyond each window. This allows you to pull them far enough to let the texture or print of the fabric displayed to the fullest, as well as expose the window without the fabric bunching up on the sides. 

Drape Lining & Rings

Make sure the drapes have a liner so they fall straight, move well with the wind, are protected and look more luxurious. Lined drapes look expensive even when they are not, and they provide better insulation. Drape rings give a more finished look to a formal setting, such as a living room. Your bedroom or an informal area may not need drape rings to look stylish.

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